Have you Discovered a Surrogacy Podcast Yet?

It’s safe to say that we are in the golden age of podcasting! Podcasts offer a great way to pass the time, whether you’re commuting, working, relaxing or researching. There are literally thousands of podcasts on pretty much every topic from news, business, sports, and health and, of course, surrogacy!

We did some research for you and found the best podcasts talking all things fertility and surrogacy. Hint: We saved the best one of all for last!

“The Fertility Podcast” Their description: “I’m Natalie, your host of The Fertility Podcast. It launched in 2014, once I was pregnant with my first child after having fertility treatment. If you’ve found your route to parenthood hasn't been straight forward, this podcast is for you. From IVF and ICSI to secondary infertility, surrogacy, or adoption hear stories from others who have been through something similar to you. You might be involuntary childless. Whatever your situation, know you are NOT ALONE. I speak to leading fertility experts at clinics all over the world, wellbeing coaches and nutritionists and companies helping to fund your treatment as well as support networks such as Fertility Network UK and Fertility.” 

“Fertility Warriors” Their description: “Robyn Birkin is the host of the Fertility Warriors Podcast - a fertility coach, speaker and writer, she has helped more than 4,000 women on their fertility journey. An IVF and miscarriage veteran herself, she shares stories, wisdom, advice, tips and supporting words through the podcast to help women navigate the murky waters of trying (and sometimes for much longer than we hope!) to conceive.”

“The IVF Journey” with Dr Michael Chapman. Their description: “Are you having difficulty conceiving? If so, you’re not alone. Having children is a basic human desire and most couples build their lives together, around the idea of nurturing and fostering children who will follow in their footsteps. To not be able to have a child is a confronting issue and going through IVF can be a difficult and lonely road with several unknowns. In this podcast you will get invaluable insights into Dr (“Prof”) Michael Chapman’s IVF practice. You will learn valuable tips and solutions to dealing with infertility, how to maximize your success rate, the impact of age on fertility, and lots more. Dr Chapman co-founded IVF Australia and over the last 35 years, he’s helped over 3,000 couples realize their dreams of having a baby.”

“Your Fertility Hub” Their description: “Uniquely focusing on the emotional side of infertility and providing you with information, tools and support to enhance your fertility and make your journey a more positive one. Tune into the Your Fertility Hub podcast for interviews, stories and tips to help you feel more supported, empowered and informed AND improve your chances of conceiving by learning all about the power of mind-body tools to boost your natural fertility. Hosted by international fertility coach, Karenna Wood, each podcast brings you new insight from the exciting world of mind-body medicine for fertility.”

Lastly, we highly recommend “I Want To Put A Baby In You” by Ellen Trachman and Jennifer White! In full disclosure they are co-directors of Pacific Northwest Surrogacy, so of course we love them!. Their description: “If you’re uncomfortable with TMI and talking about the birds and the bees…this is NOT the podcast for you. Sister duo, Jennifer White and Ellen Trachman explore topics from sperm and eggs to babies and everything in between. You’ll learn about artificial insemination, gestational surrogacy, egg retrieval, egg donation, and more. I Want To Put A Baby In You will have you laughing and crying with informative and touching stories on surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology.” Tune in on itunes, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud and Patreon. Listen to their podcast, visit their website, or share your story and ask a questions by calling their hotline 303-997-1903.

Podcasts can be produced by anyone wanting to share and communicate with the world, not just big names! So, get ready to dive in to the community of individuals who share a common interest with you! So cool! 

P.S. I Want To Put A Baby In You has new episodes out every Wednesday! Check it out today! 

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