Welcome Sharon and Pacific Northwest Surrogacy

I became a surrogate for family friends in 1998; decision that changed my life. I gave birth to twin girls in 2000 and became a surrogate again, for a same sex couple, giving birth to girl/boy twins in 2005. After struggling with secondary infertility myself for years, my own kids are 9.5 years apart, it amazed me that something like surrogacy could change my entire outlook on life and took me and my family in a direction that I never had considered in the past. Rewarding and heart breaking, at times, I can't see myself doing anything other than supporting those that need guidance throughout their own surrogacy journeys. 

I have worked in the surrogacy field in a wide range of positions for the past 20 years, including the legal arena, as a private surrogacy agency owner, and as an independent consultant offering business solutions service for those working within the A.R.T. field. I find immense satisfaction in educating Intended Parents and new surrogates on exactly how the surrogacy process works and giving them the tools to navigate the path throughout their own unique journeys. 

I love sharing my experiences and expertise on the topic surrogacy and have participated in support groups and often speak to professional organizations and businesses such as RESOLVE, ASRM, American Fertility Association, START ART, Fertile Dreams, American Associates of Tissue Banks, and Microsoft to name a few. I am an international speaker on the practice of surrogacy here within the USA, traveling to countries such as China, Inner Mongolia and Canada. I also have a book for the children of Surrogates called "Surrogacy Helps Make a Family Grow!" which helps kids to understand and learn about the surrogacy process in a simple and educational way.  I was even on the podcast, I Want to Put a Baby in You!

I am incredibly happy to be the new Director of Pacific Northwest Surrogacy and working with Bright Futures Families. I am looking forward to supporting IPs and surrogates not only here in WA state but in Idaho and Oregon as well! My family and I have been living and working in the Greater Seattle Area since 2007. We are originally from Maine and have lived in Rochester NY and in Florida on both east and west coasts plus the Orlando area. I have a compassionate yet honest approach to surrogacy and believe that sharing the option of building families via surrogacy with others is my calling.

We’re excited to welcome Sharon to our team and invite you to visit our website to learn more!