sharon LaMothe


“If you never ask then the answer is always NO!” 
― Unknown

Sharon is from Whitfield, Maine. She is a Certified Nurses Assistant. she’s Worked in the Third Party Reproduction field since 1998, Owned her own agency in Florida from 2003-2009, Currently owns her own surrogacy consulting business for IPs and surrogates going independent and Currently Owns her own small business solutions company She part of the Seattle Tacoma Area Reproductive Society and American Society of Reproductive Medicine, has written a children’s book on surrogacy and serves on the advisory board of Parents via egg donation and Fertility within reach. So, she’s not busy at all. Sharon is amazing at thinking outside of the box and obviously knows how to multitask.

Why she started working in surrogacy

“I started out being a GC for friends in FL and gave birth to twin girls in 2000. I then worked at a law office, and after 3 years opened my own agency. I then gave birth to girl/boy twins for a gay couple, and we were the first to have both men on the birth certificate in CT and that was in 2005. It was a total accident that I actually became a surrogate in the first place as I was just throwing out ideas to my friends in regards to ways they could add a sibling to their family after the IM had pregnancy issues with her first baby. Surrogacy was mentioned, and when they couldn't find a one on their own, I volunteered not knowing anything about the process. The rest is history!”

Why she’s passionate about working in this industry

“Having a baby is one of the most basic human desires, and I love the fact that I can help make this dream come true for everyone involved.”

How she’d use her surrogacy compensation

"This is a hard one...I'll have to think about how I can be a surrogate again at age 55...let me know if I'm qualified first! LOL!”

Her faves

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Dan Brown, Margret Atwood (my 3rd cousin), Stephen King

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Big Bang Theory, Black List, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones (Until Season 8-that sucked)


Anything Chocolate

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Navy and Aqua

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Anything by Boston. Favorite Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams

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Too many to mention

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Seattle Seahawks, of course!

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Sunshine and a beach

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Ladies, if there’s a man who remembers your birthday, knows what you enjoy and understands your friends and family…It’s Mark Zuckerberg

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Death and Taxes

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Texas Hold'em
I collect Owls