We match Pacific Northwest surrogates with intended parents from all over the world

We represent couples of every kind, married and unmarried, as well as single men and women who want to start a family. Our gestational surrogates undergo a thorough screening process; once selected, they reap the benefits of our full support. Our staff comes from the legal, medical and insurance worlds, as well as family and child therapy, mental health and project management.

Families are created with love

We believe families are created with love. Because great parents come in all shapes and sizes, we created an agency committed to inclusivity and acceptance. And we’ve got boots on the ground—very important. One of our directors is an assisted reproductive technology specialist with over 20 years of experience. She’s well acquainted with Pacific Northwest’s legal and medical systems and with the region’s key service providers.

On the personal front, we’ve dealt with our share of infertility issues. We bring compassion and a parent’s perspective to this very personal, nontraditional, loving way of growing a family. We get it. We’re here to make sure your concerns are dealt with and your financial—and emotional—investment is protected.

Choice of attorney is up to you

The intricacies of surrogacy agreements require legal representation for both intended parents and gestational carriers. Unlike many agencies that insist intended parents and gestational carriers use in-house counsel or their appointed attorney, we provide the guidance you need to find the right professional but leave the ultimate decision in your hands. We’re happy to recommend local attorneys to meet your needs. 

We customize your agency agreement

Your signed agency agreement with Pacific Northwest Surrogacy is a legal document specifying the services we’re obligated to provide. We customize our agreements to reflect the concerns and circumstances unique to your situation. Before signing the agreement, let us know if we’ve neglected to include a consideration that’s important to you or if you’d like a clause explained in greater detail. Your agency agreement is open for negotiation until you’ve signed it.

Professional affiliations keep us current

Pacific Northwest Surrogacy is a member of SEEDS (Society for Ethical Egg Donation and Surrogacy) and RESOLVE (a national infertility organization) via their parent organization, Bright Futures Families, LLC. We’re firm believers in ethical surrogacy practices. Certain of our staff are members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Seattle Tacoma Area Reproductive Society (STARS), the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Committee and Adoption Committee and the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys.